Conference Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration for the 2019 MCBIOS Conference and Workshop

  • Choose the registration type (Student, Post-doc, or Professional) from the drop-down menu and click “Register.”
  • Payment is expected at the time of registration using PayPal. Alternatively, you may request an invoice to be sent to you or your Institution.
  • This year, the conference workshops are included in the meeting registration. Please choose one workshop during registration. 
  • Demographic information gathered during registration will be aggregated and utilized by MCBIOS for grant applications. Member’s information is never shared or sold.

2019 MCBIOS Abstract Submission Instructions

  1. You must be registered before submitting an abstract.
  2. Please use the EasyChair Portal to submit an abstract and indicate the following:
    • Indicate presentation type (Oral or Poster)
    • Indicate session preference
    • Membership Type (Professional, Post-Doc, Student)
    • Indicate whether Travel Assistantship Stipend is needed (only applies to student and post-doc categories)
    • Indicate if competing for the “MCBIOS Young Scientist Excellence Award” (only applies to student and post-doc categories). If this option is slected, provide additional information for evaluation: Innovation in research, author’s contribution to the research, and statement of academic integrity.
  3. The Abstract should not exceed 300 words. Please minimize the use of abbreviations and do not cite references in the abstract. The abstract must include the following separate sections:
    • Background: the context and purpose of the study
    • Results: the main findings
    • Conclusions: a brief summary and potential implications
  4. There are a limited number of spots for oral presentations. If not selected for oral presentation, you will automatically be considered for poster presentation. Oral presentations will be 10-15 min long including questions, depending on the session program designed by the session chair. Poster size limitation: 30″W x 40″H (122cm x 91cm).
  5. A registered author can submit multiple abstracts, as long as that author is the presenting author.
  6. Consider publishing full paper for MCBIOS 2019 proceedings in BMC Bioinformatics. The deadline for full paper submission is May 1, 2019.

Student Travel Stipends

Limited number of student/trainee travel stipends (including a registration fee waiver and/or lodging support) are available to those who apply and register by January 31, 2019. Students/trainees who are submitting an abstract for oral or poster presentation are invited to apply for a stipend to help defray the cost of attending the conference. Stipends will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and priority will be given to those selected for platform presentations. Students with institutional support are not eligible for these funds. Expenses that are not supported by travel stipend will be the responsibility of the attendee. Travel awards will be announced March 1, 2019. As we work with sponsors, additional awards may become available to paid registrants to present high-quality work, which is determined by the MCBIOS ’19 Fellowship and Award Committee.

MCBIOS Young Scientist Excellence Award

“MCBIOS Young Scientist Excellence” awards program recognizes students and postdoctoral fellows that exhibit scientific excellence in the field of Bioinformatics. Applications from students and postdoctoral fellows will be rigorously evaluated. The top five candidates will be invited to give an oral presentation in a session dedicated to this award program. In addition to an abstract, participation in this program requires submission of separate description of the innovation of the research and the individual’s contribution to the work being presented. Selection of the top five candidates is based on the evaluation of the applications by the MCBIOS board members for quality and impact of the research. The finalists are selected by a panel of judges (including keynote speakers) after the oral presentations. The quality of the professional presentation is the primary consideration for selection of the award recipients. Applicants with demonstrated multidisciplinary contribution and initiative are given preference during final selection. Announcement of the awards will be made at during the final luncheon.